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“Dedicated to everyone who is working on overcoming Lyme disease and chronic illness.”


We appreciate that you have chosen us for your health care needs.

With the average person now being exposed to thousands of toxins it is more important than ever that we create products that are clean, supportive and healing for the body. By avoiding man-made toxins and utilizing a special filtering process we create what nature intended, a pure herbal formula that supports the body’s natural healing processes.

Today, thousands of practitioners and clinics are utilizing Byron White Formulas with their patients and reporting excellent clinical results: medical doctors, osteopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, chronic illness specialists, acupuncturists, and other health care professionals. Research groups and clinical experience show that Byron White Formulas work on many levels to support immune system response and physical well-being.


Byron White Formulas was created in response to the need for more effective patient care modalities. We provide the same high quality herbal formulas that were created and used successfully by Naturopathic Practitioner Byron White, and other health care professionals, for over 30 years. All 40 formulas are based on his extensive clinical experience and research in herbology, bio-dynamics and chronic illness.

Our Immune formulas have been utilized by practitioners for their patients dealing with  issues such as: Lyme disease, viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitical, and mycoplasma.

Byron White Formulas also offers Detox and Restorative Support formulas to help eliminate the toxicity, inflammation and low energy levels commonly encountered when dealing with chronic illness.

By design, our formulas can be tailored to the needs of the individual, no matter how sensitive. Due to the role toxins play in weakening the body and creating illness, detox support is vital. Our 6 detox formulas help release, bind and eliminate: yeast, mold, neuro-toxins, environmental toxins and chemicals, radiation and heavy metals. They also support the body’s eliminatory system and help counter the effects of die-off .

Our Restorative Support formulas provide antioxidant, adaptogenic, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory assistance at both the physical and energetic levels. For more information listen to our Patient Teleconference recording which can be found in the upper right hand column of this blog.

Please use the following guidelines when taking Byron White Formulas:

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