Public Teleconference Recording Download (complimentary)

Brief history of the formulas:

  • Who created the formulas and why?
  • How long have the BWF’s been used clinically?

About the formulas:

  • How the formulas are made and what makes them so potent and effective.
  • Why we use organic grape alcohol and not glycerin to make the formulas.
  • Why the formulas are thick. About the micronized herbs at the bottom of the bottle.
  • How long is a formula good for once it has been opened.
  • How to properly store the formulas.


  • How to prepare a formula dose.
  • What are common dosing amounts and why.
  • How can a small dose be so effective.
  • How far away from Rx and other supplements should they be taken.
  • Can I take the BWF formulas together if I’m taking more than one?
  • Consistency and taste of the formulas.
  • The importance of following your practitioner’s dosing instructions.
  • What happens if I run out and have to stop taking them for a few days?
  • How soon do the formulas begin to work?
  • How can I tell if the formulas are working?

Detox and Restorative Support:

  • Why Detox Support is so important.
  • How our Detox Support formulas help.
  • Restorative Support: Helping your body help itself.
  • Why reducing inflammation is helpful.


  • About the complimentary training and educational support that we provide to practitioners.
  • How to introduce the formulas to a practitioner that doesn’t know about the formulas.


Radiation Alert & BWF Protocol Teleconference 

Radiation Alert & BWF Protocol Teleconference Download (complimentary)

Learn about:

  • How you can protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Supplements and formulas used in the BWF protocol and dosing regimens.
  • The sources of radiation exposure and how to minimize exposure.
  • Hidden sources of radiation.
  • Why radiation can affect every aspect of your health.
  • Why radiation is a blockage that needs clearing to progress in getting well.
  • Why halides like chlorine and bromine increase in the body from radiation and what can be done to detox.
  • BWF research showing low basal temperatures, increased with our protocol.

Patient questions at the end of the conference.

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