GMOs and Your Health

Byron White


GMOs ARE A SERIOUS THREAT.  They cause degenerative disease, cancer, DNA damage and interfere with the body’s ability to heal and maintain balance.  We strongly recommend that you pay extra close attention to what you eat and include a GMO detoxification as part of your healing protocol.

GMOs contain vaccines, create toxic proteins, instruct the body to produce pesticides, prevent absorption of nutrients, cause allergies and degenerative diseases like cancer, and contribute to sterility. One study that involved feeding GMO potatoes to rats for 10 days showed: GI and immune dysfunction, slower growth, impaired internal organ development, pre-cancerous growth, partial atrophy of liver, reproductive impairment, and brain size decrease.


WHAT ARE GMOs? GMOs are plants and animals that are genetically engineered by merging their DNA with that of different species, such as other plants, animals, bacteria and viruses. Certified Organic farmers are not allowed to knowingly plant GMO seed but because pollen and seed are hard to keep isolated in open fields, contamination of non GMO crops often occurs. This toxic approach to agriculture has been responsible for creating “super weeds” and “superbugs” in the same way antibiotics and vaccines have mutated bacteria and viruses.

Despite biotech industry promises, there are no consumer benefits to GMO products: they do not increase yield, they are not drought tolerant, nor do they offer enhanced nutrition. More than 60 countries, including Australia, Japan, and the entire European Union are against GMOs and have severely restricted them or banned them outright. 91% of U.S. citizens polled want GMOs to be labeled and a recent CBS/New York Times poll reports that 53% of consumers say they would not buy GMO foods. To learn more about what is safe to eat or how you can influence GMO legislation go to:


We are being genetically altered by the foods we eat and clearing these things from the body is crucial.  Detoxification of artificial sweeteners (sucralose, fructose, aspartame and others) is also important since they have a similar effect on the body’s systems, causing damage to DNA, cancer and other degenerative diseases. Fructose, and sugar in general, is not only harmful and addictive but often genetically modified. Ask your health practitioner about Byron White Formulas Detox Support

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