DETOXIFICATION- why its critical to regaining your health

Byron White

Good Day Everyone,

Toxicity from daily living is happening for all of us. Understanding how we can support our body in decreasing these toxins and detoxifying, is crucial for our health.

Toxicity we are exposed to and why Detoxification is now mandatory-

Toxicity is an ever present issue now, in each of our lives, as we are all aware of. Each child that is born is now entering life with hundreds of toxins and chemicals, radiation, already in their systems. The average person has to process pounds of pesticides and herbicides a year. There are chemicals added to our foods, GMO unlabeled food that have the ability to change our genetics and further poison us, vaccines, as well as toxins, drugs, metals, in our water and found in our air.

Our detoxification systems must process this higher level of toxins and unfortunately is not able to do so without our help. Peoples livers are degenerating at a quicker rate than every before as well as the rate of cancer increasing, and health in general declining. If you are dealing with a chronic illness, these toxins can cause further problems for you, by increasing inflammation, creating a better environment for pathogens, by decreasing our body’s ability to defend itself and decrease our cellular health from all the free radicals we are being exposed to in our lives.

We can decrease some toxins by eating organically and avoiding GMO foods, eliminating bad habits, like smoking and what we ingest, take our supplements and exercise, use non toxic detergents for our dishes and clothes, ect… but it will still not be enough to rid our body of all the toxins and radiation we have been exposed to daily, that continues to damage our system and interfere with us getting well.

Every health program should include detoxification 

I have used and developed detoxification processes in my practice, because they were needed as early on as 30 years ago and toxicity is much much worse now. If you are dealing with lyme disease or other chronic illness, in my experience you need to be on a detoxification program and if using our formulas such as A-L, A-Bart, A-Bab, A-FNG, A-Myco, A-V, A-Cpn,ect… it very important that you be supporting your system with our detoxification formulas which were designed to work effectively at all layers and with our other formulas.

Practitioners are discovering problems such as inflammation, detox pathway breakdown, Gall bladder and liver issues, diabetes, hormonal problems, nervous system problems, infections, colon problems, ect… all things that toxicity contributes to or most likely is causing. You must be eliminating toxins and I recommend only our herbal formulas be used when utilizing our other formulas.

What I recommend when working with our formulas

We have several detox formulas specifically created to work with our formulas.

They are Envi-rad, Detox 2, Detox 1, BT-Detox, NT-Detox. We offer practitioner teleconferences on their usage and if your practitioner is not familiar with them, please have them contact us and we can help them with more information.

I always recommend that the practitioners using our formulas begin with detoxification or at the least at the same time as using our other formulas. The benefits to you the patient are: decreased symptoms, lowering the toxic burden in your system, supporting your body in the healing process and recovery and regeneration, helping to cope better with drug toxicity if you are on prescription medications.

Heavy Metal Detox: Using our detox formulas – Look for our next blog!

To your continued health, best wishes,

Byron White


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