Practitioner Referrals

Practitioner Referrals

Here is a partial list of practitioners currently utilizing Byron White Formulas in their practice as a primary modality and accepting new patients.

This list is given for informational purposes. When searching for a practitioner for your personal care, please exercise your careful consideration and contact the practitioner for specific information.

By using this list you are agreeing to the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

To use this referral list, select your State on the map below and a list will appear some of our primary practitioners for that state.

If you don’t see a practitioner in your area please contact us for our extended list by state.




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* Disclaimer: Byron White Formulas™ is providing practitioner referrals on this site as a courtesy for those interested in finding practitioners that are utilizing Byron White Formulas™ on an ongoing basis in their practice. The selection of a practitioner for your personal care should be made by you, after careful consideration. We do not make recommendations; we only provide referrals of practitioners using the Byron White Formulas™. We do not evaluate the professional competence or qualifications of health care practitioners on our list, nor do we receive any monetary compensation from practitioners for being on the list. Byron White Formulas™ does not endorse or warrant the health care practitioners listed nor the kind or quality of care you will receive from those practitioners. We cannot guarantee the information that is provided on this list will be accurate and current or that practitioners listed are accepting new patients. Byron White Formulas™ is not responsible for any incorrect information contained on this site.