Patient Information

Patient Information

Welcome to our Patient Information Page! Here you will find useful information and education on our formulas, how to best utilize them, important health topics and more…

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~Organic & Wild Crafted Ingredients~
~Freshly Prepared Personal Batches~
~Considerate of Those with Chemical Sensitivities~
~Produced with Care in the United States~
~Glycerin Free~
~Easy to Use~

Unique Formulations

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In order to create a pure, gluten-free, hypoallergenic formula, the BWFs contain only organic sugarcane alcohol and high quality organic and wild crafted herbs. Potency ratio is a 1:1 herb to menstruum, making them 5 to 10 times more potent than most herbal formulas available.

Taking Our Formulas For the First Time
Our formulas are very potent. Taking small amounts in the beginning of use is often enough to produce results, according to practitioners. Our Immune Support formulas should only be used while under the care of a medical practitioner trained in the use of our formulas. Likewise, it is recommended that you be on our detox and support formulas protocol while taking any of our Immune formulas, for optimal results. Your health is very important to us and we want you to receive the best care possible. If you are having trouble finding a practitioner who uses BWFs in your area, please refer to our Practitioner Referral page or contact us for a broader list of practitioners in your area.

A-LfinalProperly Storing Your Formulas
Please store our formulas on a non-metallic surface, away from sunlight, heat and electrical appliances such as cell phones, computers, fans, etc. It is important that the energetic fingerprint of the formulas remain unaltered. Your formula will not need to be refrigerated, as the organic grape alcohol does a wonderful job at preserving the micronized herb content.

How To Take the Formulas
Shaking the bottle well is very important. It mixes the micronized herbs with the liquid extract. We also suggest that the bottle be succussed by hitting the bottom of the bottle on the palm of your hand 6 times before taking.

  • Put the amount of drops you are taking in a small amount of filtered water (1/4-1/2 ounce is sufficient) in a glass or ceramic cup.
  • Swish the glass (do not stir it with anything metal). Do not mix with juice.
  • Hold the formula in your mouth for 30-60 seconds. (This allows the formula to absorb into all the energetic pathways and increases absorption)
  • The BWFs are best taken on an empty stomach or 20-30 minutes before or after eating.
  • The formulas should be taken away from oral medications and Rx’s by at least 2 to 3 hours.
  • Please take the BWFs at least 20-30 minutes away from supplements, food, beverages, or other

BWF formulas or homeopathic remedies, as these formulas are a very specific recipe. If the formulas are mixed with anything but water, the recipe changes, rendering the formulas less targeted and less effective.

Clearing Your Dropper
The formulas are concentrated and occasionally the glass dropper may need to be cleared when sitting for extended periods of time, or when opening a new bottle. Due to the strength and thickness of the formulas, the micronized herbs may settle in the tip of the dropper. This is normal. Our formulas contain high sediment levels intentionally for maximum potency. Shaking the bottle vigorously will typically free the dropper. If trying this technique a couple of times proves unsuccessful, disassembling the 3 piece dropper and using a soft pointy object through the tip of the dropper while rinsing is also effective. It is important to be gentle with the glass pipette, as they will break under stress.

Yin, Yang and Chi
Yin, Yang and Chi balance or imbalance can affect how well the body functions and how a patient will feel physically and emotionally. The survey below can help determine possible Yin, Yang or Chi deficiencies.

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Tick Bite Prevention
Important Things to Know about Ticks

  • Ticks are small, blood feeding parasites that will attach to their host for days or a week to complete their feeding.
  • Most ticks go through four stages of life: egg, larva, nymph and adult. After hatching from the eggs, the ticks must eat blood at every state in order to survive. Ticks can feed on mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Most ticks prefer to have a different host animal at each stage of their life.
  • Ticks often become infected during their larval or nymph stage of life, when they feed off small animals like squirrels, mice, or birds that can carry bacteria which can cause diseases, including Lyme disease.
  • The infected tick then passes on the bacteria and other organisms to a human or animal during its next feeding cycle.
  • The risk of human infection is greatest during the spring and summer months. Tick borne illness has been report in all 48 central states.


Tick bites are preventable if you know where to expect ticks and take the proper precautions.

Ticks live primarily in or near wooded or grassy areas. When you are enjoying outdoor activities such as gardening, camping, hiking or playing outdoors it is important to be conscious of the possibility of picking up a tick

What to do when outdoors:

  • Avoid tall grasses, leaf litters and shrubs
  • Stay in the center of the trail when hiking
  • Wear light-colored clothing with long sleeves and pants
  • Tuck your pants into your socks
  • Use natural repellents on clothing to stop ticks from getting onto clothes
  • Cover or tie up hair. Consider wearing a hat

What to do when returning home:

  • Remove clothing immediately. As an added safety precaution, place clothes in the dryer on high heat to kill any ticks that may be on the clothing
  • Do a full body check using a hand held or full length mirror to view all parts of the body
  • Take a shower

Common areas where ticks will attach are:

  • Under the arms
  • In or around the ears
  • Inside the belly button
  • The back of the knees
  • In or around the hair
  • Between the legs
  • Around the waist

If you suspect that you have been bitten by a tick, contact your practitioner immediately. If you are not currently working with a practitioner, visit our Practitioner Referral page to find a practitioner in your area.

For Those With Alcohol Sensitivities
If you need to decrease the amount of sugarcane alcohol: place drops in a small glass of warm filtered water and let it sit for 10 minutes. Hot or boiling water should never be used with the formulas. Please do not use a microwave to heat the water.


Formulas are manufactured in a facility that may contain tree nuts.

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or other governmental agencies. The information on this website is for educational purposes. Formulas, products and informational materials provided on this website and by Byron White Formulas™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, medicate or prevent any disease.