About BWF

Byron White, creator of the Byron White Formulas™, has been a practitioner in the natural health field for 37 years in private practice, group work and seminars. In that time he has helped over 25,000 individuals with chronic illness and Lyme disease regain their health.

Byron’s main focus has been researching utilizing natural means of restoring health. He has created 40 herbal formulas and has produced numerous educational and therapeutic CDs that are currently being used in the healthcare field by Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and other health care providers in many countries.

Byron founded Hypnosis Services Center and Natural Health Care Center, the primary focus of which was, counseling and working with chronic illness and Lyme disease. These Clinics were set up for counseling, medical hypnosis and habit control; Natural Health Care was a center dedicated to utilizing natural methods, including naturopathy, herbology, nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

Byron was a hypnotherapist as well as a natural healthcare practitioner, specializing in clinical herbology, nutrition, bio-resonance, bioenergetics, neuro-cybernetics, neuro-immunology and hypnotherapy.

The Creation of Byron White Formulas™

The creation of Byron White Formulas™ began as seeking a means to produce the herbal formulas that had been created and successfully utilized in Byron’s and other practitioners clinics. Byron wanted to avoid the drawbacks he discovered in some commercial manufacturing processes. He discovered that  the common practice of commercial processing could expose the formulas to the possibility of petro-chemical contamination(s) and heavy metal toxicity. He decided to create a manufacturing company that would meet his standards of a non-toxic and non-chemical environment that would be capable of producing the formulas properly. Byron White set up his own private manufacturing company that is designed to produce the same high quality, non-toxic formulas used in his clinics for years. He personally over sees all the production at Byron White Formulas, Inc. His main focus is to support practitioners in the utilization of these quality formulas to help their patients along their path to health and wellness.

How Does Word Spread?

Most of our referrals are through doctors and those that have taken the formulas themselves and have had great results. For those of you who have referred us to others, we thank you for your support and contributions towards the health and wellness of others. Thank you, everyone for sharing their successful experience with the formulas!

About Our Website

We designed this website with larger print and link graphics to help make the site easier to read and navigate for those overcoming Lyme and chronic illness. We constructed this site with the intention of helping you learn more about our formulas, to know where to find them and to share with you the educational resources and events available. We want to be as helpful and supportive as possible to those within the community.

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or other governmental agencies. The information on this website is for educational purposes. Formulas, products and informational materials provided on this website and by Byron White Formulas™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, medicate or prevent any disease.