RADIATION: How its impacting you and what you can do to decrease it

Byron WhiteHello Everyone,

It’s spring cleaning once again and an excellent time to talk about clearing our body of radiation. The nuclear reactor leakage from Fukushima has brought the issue of radiation to our attention and with the advent of portable detectors people are tracking the amounts that we are being exposed to on a daily basis. Although radiation has been an issue for some time, Fukushima has increased the level we are exposed to through the air, water and food.


Where is radiation coming from?    

Worldwide there are 400 nuclear reactors.  We are also exposed through: the use of depleted uranium in bombs used by the United States, detonation tests of bombs, medical x-rays, cat scans, exposure during air travel, the inclusion of radioactive materials in common items such as silverware and dishes, furniture, as well as natural forms of radiation.

How much has radiation increased?

“Normal” or “safe” background levels in the past have been listed between 15-18 cpm (clicks per minute). We purchased a radiation detection meter after Fukushima and began testing samples of water, air, food, and rain water. It was quite disturbing to find how much higher the radiation has increased. The amount of radiation we are being exposed to in the air, food and water daily over the last few months has been testing at 90 cpm or higher!

What are the effects of low level radiation exposure?

Low level radiation exposure can and does impact our health. Here is a list of symptoms that have occurred from this kind of exposure.

North American Radiation

*  Cesium 137   accumulates in fatty tissues, liver, spleen and muscles
*  Iodide-131   accumulates in Thyroid, breast and ovaries
*  Strontium-90   concentrates in your bones and liver
*  Barium-140   causes bone tumors up to 30 years later
*  Tellurium-132   causes cell mutations, repeatedly via replication
*  Yttrium-0  damage to liver and respiration
*  Plutonium-244   concentrates in your liver
*  Uranium 235   accumulates in your bones and liver

Radiation can cause damage to every system in the body, preventing healing. Radiation adds to the level of free radical damage which is responsible for a lot of the damage. It also burns cells from direct exposure.







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