What makes Byron White Formulas so effective?

How Potent is my herbal extract or tincture? Is it strong enough to help me?      

There are many companies producing herbal formulas, but not all are equal. Most companies are manufacturing formulas that fall far below the potency needed to produce lasting clinical results.

How strong does an herbal formula need to be to work effectively?                

Formula strength is determined by the ratio of herbs to alcohol used in production and the length of extraction time. Our formulas are made with a 1:1 ratio – one part herb to one part organic grape alcohol. This is what we have found creates the best clinical results. That means our formulas contain 66% – 80% more herb than other companies.  We extract each of our formulas for a month in comparison to the 24 hrs – 2 weeks used by most companies.  Because our formulas are handmade in glass their potency is not reduced or contaminated by machinery or plastic and metal containers. The micronized herb and energetic components also contribute greatly to their effectiveness.

Other companies use a 1:4, 1:5, and as low as 1:10 ratio in order to increase profits. The less herbs used, the more money they make. Unfortunately you and your health end up paying the hidden price. Cheaper formulas are not as strong. You will end up spending a lot more in the long run in an attempt to get results.


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