The difference between BWFS and copy cat formulas

Hello Everyone,


Byron WhiteThey say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I can understand that, except when it comes to people getting confused when they see another company using the similar names of our formulas.

Patients and practitioner have contacted us, confused about seeing names of our formulas or similar names being used by another  herbal company.

Please know that unless it has the BW logo(see photo) on the formula, that even though it may be the same name or a similar name it is not one of our formulas and will not work the same or have the same benefits or results.


BWF difference:

1. Our formulas are handmade, avoiding the potential toxicity and energetics depletion that can come from machine production. Most manufacturing companies use plastic or metal vats for production which can leak metals and toxins into the formula. We use only glass for extracting our formulas.

2. Our formulas are extracted in a 1:1 base (1 part herb to 1 part organic grape alcohol), 4-5 times stronger than other herbals manufactured in a 1:4 or 1:10 base.

3. Our formulas are extracted in organic grape alcohol, rather than grain alcohol, avoiding the toxins and gluten that can be in grain alcohol and reactions that can come from vegetable glycerin (see recent blog) based formulas.

4. Our formulas are extracted for 30 days, without use of heat, distillation or other methods that can harm the herbs and final formula. Other formulas are tinctured for as little as 24 hrs.

5. Our formulas have been researched and tested and successfully used in clinical setting for over 30 years.

6. Our formulas do not use infra red heat tunnels to seal the bottles. The tunnels irradiate the bottles with their energy and heat and in my opinion can damage the herbal contents and certainly change the energy of the herbs. We hand seal our formulas.

7. Our formulas use the BWF Layer Method assuring that the formulas will work at all the layers that the body functions and support restoration of health. No other formulas use this method, its energetics and it is proprietary.

8. All the herbs are used are certified organic and wild crafted and our facility is FDA registered and GMP compliant.

9. We offer extensive training and education to practitioners, so people using the formulas are getting the best possible support from their practitioners.



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