Welcome to the new Byron White Formulas Blog!

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Byron WhiteI am pleased to announce that our new blog is up and running. It will be place where we can let you know what is new and upcoming, with formulas as well as events, upcoming articles and radio show interviews and a place where we can address some of the questions we receive from you, so other can take advantage of the information as well.

There are several new formulas in the works that we will be talking about soon as well as information for practitioners and people using the formulas.

So, please stay tuned and let us know what you are interested in… if you have not signed up for our newsletter, please do, so we can send you announcements and keep you in the loop.

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One Comment on “Welcome to the new Byron White Formulas Blog!

  1. I just received via FedEx A-Bart, as recommended by my LLMD. I see though that is it is in a base of 40% alcohol. What if a person has had issues with alcohol as an allergy, is grape alcohol any different? Is there A-Bart in glycerin, despite possible impurities? Thanks I may have to return this to you; if you please let me know this process.