Chi Master and Energetic Formulas changes

Hello Everyone,


Byron White

Well summer is almost here…this year has gone by so fast…
BWF’s wishes you a wonderful summer!

Working with the energetics of the body is very important and is often neglected in
medicine, but is often crucial in helping someone to regain their health. Decreased energetics or blockages in the flows of the body can create many symptoms. Please check out out yin/yang/chi survey on our website! After you fill it out, you will be able to see how much you need of yin, yang and chi..can be quite revealing.

It is so important that we decided to increase the size of our Chi master formula from 1 ounce to 3 ounces and put it into a spray bottle making it easier to use on the body and for spraying in the mouth!

Working with the energetics of the body is so very important, that we also decreased the
cost of of our energetic formulas, Yin energy, Yang Energy, Em matrix. We want everyone to be able to use these formulas. A teleconference on this and our other support formulas will be coming soon for practitioners, so please check back here and watch your e-mails for our next event.

Best wishes,
Byron White

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