Welcome Parasite Summit Participants!

Welcome Parasite Summit Participants!



Thank you for attending Dr. Byron White’s interview with Dr. Jay Davidson at the Parasite Summit!



Topics of Discussion

Learn what you can do to prevent getting parasites

The best diet for dealing with parasites

Learn about the importance of bitter foods for GI health

Learn about herbs that are multifaceted with anti-parasitical, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal abilities.

How to use herbs to eliminate of parasites

How you can break down the biofilms that parasites use with each other

How are negative emotions connected with parasites

Importance of balancing ileoccecal valve in dealing with parasites and other health problems

How stomach acid helps in the prevention and elimination of parasites

Learn about mercury and it’s connection with parasites

How to deal with Candida using herbs

Learn about how parasites use quorum sensing to communicate and function and how you can use herbs to disrupt them.

And much more….



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