Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Byron White Formulas Inc, is taking seriously the growing concern of the Coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak.

All our products are manufactured in the United States in our own registered FDA facility that meets or exceeds the U.S. FDA guidelines for dietary supplements current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

We are taking all necessary measures to prepare for and mitigate any risk to our employees, customers, and products. We monitor our supply chain, quarantine incoming herbs and supplies, as well as follow the CDC guidelines for protection so that we may continue to provide the highest quality, safe and clinically effective herbal formulas available.

Important Safety Information:

  • Please wear a mask and goggles when outside to protect yourself and others.
  • Do not touch your face
  • Practice good hand washing technique- at least 30 seconds
  • Stay inside if chronically ill
  • Take time away from Coronavirus news and focus on something positive
  • Clean cell phone daily
  • Keep toilet seat down before flushing
  • Open incoming packages outside, wear mask and gloves and quarantine or clean items.

If there is a serious infection in your area:

  • Change and leave clothes in garage when coming home
  • When shopping:
    • Bring in paper bag
    • Put it in cart
    • Put food in bag in cart
    • Then, back into bag and throw away bag when home
    • Wipe down all items
  • Bathroom use when out
    • Keep a bag in car with:
      • Toilet paper, paper towels
      • Sanitizer
      • Toilet seat covers
      • Gloves, mask, booties
    • Bathroom stalls are filled with bacteria and virus, don’t wash hands in bathroom, bring water in car. Wear gloves into bathroom and when back at car, remove gloves and bottles and wash hands before entering car. Sanitize everything that has been touched.